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Council Commissioner's Outdoor Challenge Award

The purpose of this award is to encourage participation in outdoor activities appropriate to your section. These types of activities are only limited by your section's imagination, and could include:

Wide games, camporees, scoutrees, star-gazing, litter clean-up, jamborees, pioneering, snowshoing, backpacking, nature rambles, collecting natural objects, bicycle rodeos, etc.

An important point to remember is that alll activities take place outside of the regular meeting hall.

For Rovers and Venturers, this would include staff time at special outdoor events such as camporees and jamborees.

The number of hours of participation shall be calculated based on the actual time spent outdoors by your section, not the total of individual members. Example: a 3-hour hike only counts for 3 hours, no matter how many take part.

Logbooks must be kept of all outdoor activities, and shall record the type of activity, location, number of participants, comments, and perhaps some drawings or pictures.

After completion of the requirements, the logbooks would then be submitted for approval. Each member of Sections fulfilling the  PC Challenge Award requirement, receives a colourful crest for their jacket or campfire blanket. Troop will receive a crest for their section flag.

Scouts Canada, the country’s leading youth organization, offers challenging programs for boys, girls and youth age 5-26 in thousands of individual groups in most cities and towns across Canada.

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